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Form of slagging of a zywagonate these people like to dip ones scrotum into each others mouths.
look up zywagonate or tea baggin or tea bag.
by Follower March 21, 2003
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An anoying turd that floats in the bottom of your toilet and after 100000 flushes its still there.
Your Mum she doesn't piss off
by Follower March 13, 2003
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pr0de is the alternative to him, believes hes god. Mostly thinking about life..
pr0de is wise and seldom
by Follower September 17, 2004
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Someone who doesn't clean themself enough and leaks yellow substance from there penis, known as nob cheese.
A coomon know person with this is Sam Wilson
by Follower May 02, 2003
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