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Someone who doesn't clean themself enough and leaks yellow substance from there penis, known as nob cheese.
A coomon know person with this is Sam Wilson
by Follower May 2, 2003
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1337 d00d with too much free time and with much skillz that i worship.
by Follower February 20, 2004
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raccadoodle also known as racconman, racca-d, raccoon or simly raccadooodledandyman is a selfmade superhero. Fighting evil board moderators all over the web from his home in raccooncity.
Man, Jerry.. this fucking moderator gets on my nerve! Can't you send out the raccon signal? We needs racca-d, we needs him baad!
by Follower November 27, 2004
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An anoying turd that floats in the bottom of your toilet and after 100000 flushes its still there.
Your Mum she doesn't piss off
by Follower March 13, 2003
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Creator of all things known and unknown to man. Also called Allah or the Jewish form, Yahweh.
God is Great!
by Follower July 28, 2003
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