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A joke made in a Video by the youtuber Flamingo's video titled "I pretended to be a Roblox SCAM BOT... and get voted off" Where near the beginning a player says "am now" Albert (flamingo) And his friend (Cayden) Started saying it repeatedly as a joke. Nobody but the original user who said it knows what it means, however it is a joke nonetheless.
Albert: AM NOW
Cayden: AM NOW
Viewers: AM NOW
Everybody: *Laughter*
by FlimFlamFan April 08, 2020

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You.... You misspelled stupid.... are YOU stupid? or... stpid.... as you like to spell it...
bob: hah, gary is so stpid
Timmy: did you... did you mean stupid?
Bob: oh yeah hah, where's my autocorrect am i right?
Timmy: we're talking in person you wrinkled baboon
by FlimFlamFan October 14, 2020

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H: H
H: H
by FlimFlamFan November 02, 2020

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