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Female of Longreach ancestry. Possesses the ability to consume copious amounts of jelly and/or pancakes. Known for inexplicably utilising public Barbecue's in the place of conventional ovens. See also Cheatux
Elux baked herself some jelly.
by Flanby September 15, 2003
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Elux's alterego, adopted when playing in the goal keeper position in soccer. Her behaviour in this state is characterised by the tendency to force the distance between the goal posts to a vanishingly small width.
The opposition failed to score, as the canny Cheatux had reduced the goal size once again.
by Flanby September 15, 2003
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Male of Brisbane origin, with an amazing vocabulary (sesquipedalianism) and a tendency to use the correct spelling for the word 'stubborn'. Desire to be correct is made manifest in a variety of mediums (including farcical dictionaries).
Flanby exfoliated the blatant spelling inadequacy present in the definition of his very name, by presenting an alternative definition which was really just a piece of satire.
by Flanby September 11, 2003
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