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A state of joblessness whereby an unemployed person spends all of their time on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc) eventually leading them to consider themselves a "Social Media Expert" or Guru, purporting to know how other people and companies can "leverage their brand" and "increase ROI" by hiring the twunemployed person as a "Social Media Consultant", despite the fact that the twunemployed clearly cannot make any money for themselves through social media.

Enough time spent on Twitter eventually leads the twunemployed person to believe they have an actual career.
Marci was one of many twunemployed "Social Media Experts" at the monthly business networking tweetup.
by Fitzroy August 09, 2009

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To trim or groom ones public Twitter stream by deleting low-value tweets (excessive "at" replies, retweets, or drunken tweets). The goal of tweetscaping is to give the impression that the account owner is an interesting, balanced, and witty individual by highlighting tweets which demonstrate topically, breadth, and humor while removing tweets that reveal the author to, in fact, be narcissistic, pathetic and/or bat-shit crazy.

See also wallscape
Trish had to quickly tweetscape her Twitter page to remove the 19 angry public replies to her (now ex) boyfriend.
by Fitzroy August 17, 2009

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Support for a woman's right to choose by a working class individual - often necessitated by economic hardship.
Thanks to the recession, Kathy's now "prole choice" since she can't afford to raise a kid making minimum wage.
by Fitzroy February 21, 2008

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The act of trimming or grooming ones Facebook wall by deleting multiple and/or embarrassing comments or posts from the same friend, thus preventing older posts from "falling off" the page and thereby giving the impression that the individual has recently been interacting with a large and diverse group of friends and not just one overly-communicative friend or family member.

See also tweetscape
Jim's Facebook wall was in desperate need of a wallscape to remove his mother's frequent inquires about the status of his "bedwetting issue" so that his profile would better reflect the cool Freshman he saw himself as.
by Fitzroy August 17, 2009

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"Glow Bling"
Glowing accessories worn at raves and Burning Man.
You're gonna be invisible on the Playa, girl! You need more gling!
by Fitzroy August 21, 2008

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