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A derivative of the word legit. While technically a phonetic spelling, it is pronounced much more gutturally than the word legit. Used by itself, it can be a question concerning the viability of a choice one has made or needs to make. The response to which can also be the word 'luhjit'.
"Chuck, I can't remember what that girl I was making out with last night looked like, was she luhjit?"
by Fitness J May 15, 2007
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Any area in which there is an unusually high prevalence of Bros. These wastebags can be easily recognized by their flat-brimmed skateboard hats, board shorts, and lack of a job, or any motivation in life. The Brozone layer is unusually thick in San Diego, specifically down in Pacific Beach at establishments like Moondoggies. A brozone layer can be very disorienting, and often leads smoking hot girls to date these losers.
Fitness: Yo Chuck, we gotta get out of here I can barely breathe.
Chuck: I know, the brozone layer in here is so thick I can't even see.
Fitness: I know, the joke will be on these bro's in ten years when they are still skateboarding at the beach, collecting welfare.
by Fitness J May 15, 2007
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Downtown Annapolis, MD. Also known as Naptown. This state capital is just outside of the gates of the US Naval Academy, and is the favored drinking domain for most midshipmen. It is traditionally an extremely cougar rich environment. It is also usually infested with au pairs who come out on Friday and Saturday nights to prey upon drunken midshipmen. It is an extremely sleazy place.
Me: Hey Brownie, what are we gonna do tonight?
Brownie: I am itching to take down the german au pair Marta!
Me: Well, it looks like DTA it is then! I haven't been taken down by a cougar in a few weeks, let's head to O'Briens!
by Fitness J May 15, 2007
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Nickname for Annapolis, MD. Specifically refers to Downtown Annapolis, aka DTA. It is a city which is much older than Indianacrapolis and much more luhjit. Filled with rich old cougars, young midshipmen, au pairs and drunken alumni from USNA, it is a great place to party.
Fitness J: Yo man, I wish we were Naptown right now partying!
Dug: I know, it sucks that we are stuck here in Indianacrapolis.
Fitness J: Well, at least we will be heading back there for Homecoming.
by Fitness J May 15, 2007
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