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Hands that fuck whatever they touch. Beyond clumsy.

Person with sexy hands will drop or break everything that is touched. Will crash a computer by pressing one button on the keyboard. The person is useless at ball sports (couldn't catch a flu during a pandemic). For a guy with sexy hands it can take years to get to second base with a girl as he always ends up accidentally injuring them (eg: accidental punch in the head when taking sweater off, will never be able to take bra off, is the type of person that will accidentally head butt a girl when attempting to kiss her, etc)
Sean and Brittany are preparing for a party at their new apartment. Todd is helping.

Sean: did you ask Todd to carry the box out of the car?
Brittany: sure, why?
Sean: that box contains all of our wine! Todd has sexy hands! he is guaranteed to drop the box and smash all of our booze for tonight. what the fuck are we going to drink now?? look outside, I bet you he hasn't even got up the drive way in one piece. I bet you that it is goddam hiroshima of alcohol out there right now!
Brittany: I thought you told me that he had sexy feet?
Sean: he does!
by Fist of fury July 23, 2013
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The erections that Jim Nance and Johnny Miller produce whenever they are able to work Tiger Woods name into a golf tournament broadcast. Which is, of course, whenever possible.
Jim Nance: Tom Watson hurt his elbow on the 6th Hole.
Johnny Miller: Tiger Woods has elbows.
Jim Nance: The elbows of a champion as a matter of fact.
(off camera)
Johnny Miller: Are you pants getting tighter?
Jim Nance: Oh Yeah, we're sporting woods!
by Fist of fury April 12, 2008
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When a whole carton of beer or a bottle of spirits is dropped and smashed. People will often step away from the contaminated zone and only the generous will assist the victim to clean up and provide a new stock of booze (such assistance will render the victim dependent on the aid provider).

It can lay waste to a party, leaving people with thousand yard stares and in a state of dispair. Rare event, causes shock, uncertainty and fear. Can start arguments. Alcohol rationing can result. If no rationing can lead to 'haves' and 'have nots'.

A single occurence at a party will seriously affect the party. A second occurence can be catastrophic and end said party. It can even cause people to go straight home and not venture out further. In extreme occurences, it can lead to people curtailing their future social activities.
Jane: hey Tommy, what was the party like last night?
Tommy: horrible, I don't want to talk about it.
Jane: why not?
Tommy: some idiot knocked over the table with all the spirits on it. All of the booze was gone in an instant. It completely wrecked the party. People were looking at each other, like, what happened? how did this happen? what the fuck are we gonna do now? horrible
Jane: what a clutz. Sounds like a hiroshima of alcohol, best that you get out of there
by Fist of fury July 23, 2013
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a callus or rough spot built up on the skin of the palm do to frequent pleasuring of oneself, thus causing irritation (in the form of chafing) to the penis.

a masterbation catch-22.
Numerous jerk-off sessions caused a chubby chafer to form on my palm two days into my internet porn subscription. The friction it caused really irritated my penis.
by Fist of fury April 3, 2008
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