When a whole carton of beer or a bottle of spirits is dropped and smashed. People will often step away from the contaminated zone and only the generous will assist the victim to clean up and provide a new stock of booze (such assistance will render the victim dependent on the aid provider).

It can lay waste to a party, leaving people with thousand yard stares and in a state of dispair. Rare event, causes shock, uncertainty and fear. Can start arguments. Alcohol rationing can result. If no rationing can lead to 'haves' and 'have nots'.

A single occurence at a party will seriously affect the party. A second occurence can be catastrophic and end said party. It can even cause people to go straight home and not venture out further. In extreme occurences, it can lead to people curtailing their future social activities.
Jane: hey Tommy, what was the party like last night?
Tommy: horrible, I don't want to talk about it.
Jane: why not?
Tommy: some idiot knocked over the table with all the spirits on it. All of the booze was gone in an instant. It completely wrecked the party. People were looking at each other, like, what happened? how did this happen? what the fuck are we gonna do now? horrible
Jane: what a clutz. Sounds like a hiroshima of alcohol, best that you get out of there
by Fist of fury July 23, 2013
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