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When you get more upvotes/likes on a twitter birdwatch note than the original tweet got likes etc
That Birdio knocked out his point of view.
by Fesothe January 26, 2021
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FurShows, also known as Furry Shows, or FS for short, is the furry fandom's cultural video archive, focusing on the promotion of furry/anthropomorphic videos, shows, movies, trailers, and fursonas, and is expanding it's services to include a streaming service.
If you want to directly reach a large furry audience, FurShows is the best place to show off your content.
I've filmed a Furry Show, I'll be definitely uploading it to FurShows.
I hope FurShows adds my video to their archive as it's a cultural masterpiece.
Upload it to FS
I have a profile listing on FurShows, it's helping furries discover and subscribe to me.
I used to have a small audience but FS put my videos in the archive.
by Fesothe February 3, 2021
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A slur used by furrys who want to demonize another furry whom they hate, in an attempt to cause them irreparable reputational harm within the fandom, limit their social reach, and remove them from furry websites, conventions, and meetups. Usually directed at someone who is not on the left or does not support their extreme opinions, perspectives, or the abusive behaviors they themselves are engaging in under the guise of protecting the fandom (Gate-keeping).

Used by some members of the furry fandom in order to create an imaginary enemy whom only they can deal with, and is used to gain popularity on Social media and within the fandom.

Spoken of in all contexts when accusing anyone of doing anything to them, because it couldn't be anyone else who does not agree with their opinions but it must be those dreaded NaziFurs causing them problems.
That furry is a NaziFur
Don't talk to or follow them, they're a NaziFur
NaziFurs made a fake profile of me
by Fesothe May 5, 2021
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