FurShows, also known as Furry Shows, or FS for short, is the furry fandom's cultural video archive, focusing on the promotion of furry/anthropomorphic videos, shows, movies, trailers, and fursonas, and is expanding it's services to include a streaming service.
If you want to directly reach a large furry audience, FurShows is the best place to show off your content.
I've filmed a Furry Show, I'll be definitely uploading it to FurShows.
I hope FurShows adds my video to their archive as it's a cultural masterpiece.
Upload it to FS
I have a profile listing on FurShows, it's helping furries discover and subscribe to me.
I used to have a small audience but FS put my videos in the archive.
by Fesothe February 3, 2021
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