4 definitions by FerrariDude

1. A giant museum in Italy.

2. A magical heaven for Ferrari enthusiasts only. Lamborghini owners/fans will be banned
Ferrari Lover: dude, I had a great dream last night. I was in Ferrari World, with a nice red Ferrari.

Ferrari Lover 2: let's go to the museum sometime!
by FerrariDude December 20, 2010
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masturbating through your pockets, usually when someone is bored, or there is a sexy lady sitting across from you at a business meeting.
Employee: it seems like the new guy always keeps his hands in his pockets. What's up with that?

Boss: He has a habit of playing pocket pinball
by FerrariDude December 17, 2010
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insanely good earbuds from Dr. Dre & Monster. They have really good bass, yet still manage to sound great with everything else. Find a good deal on eBay if they are too expensive.

A million times better than the shitty apple earbuds
Lame Earbud User: Dude my apple earbuds go so hard man!!

Cool Earbud User: No they don't, you are just stupid; try my beats by dr. dre tour earbuds.

Lame Earbud User: *experiences an orgasm in the ear* Wow, these are a million times better!
by FerrariDude December 17, 2010
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The last good nano; ever since the sixth one came out (useless piece of shit), I'm thankful to have kept my 5th gen. with video.
Loser: Dude, i just got my sixth gen nano. It f*****g sucks

Me: That's why i kept my red iPod Nano 5th Generation with video.

Loser: wow i really should have done that
by FerrariDude December 16, 2010
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