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a word started when a group of girls got fed up w/ their men's behavior therefore set out to punish them! That's right! No hj's, no bj's, and definetly no sex for you fellas! Not gonna happen! Not tonight, not for the next 25 yrs of your lives!! Jk...it's been proven the girls are the ones that seem to cave in on their own rule b/c we're so deprived....
He didn't call me for 3 weeks, Mandy! That's aight..just put him on penis probation!
by Fed up June 27, 2004
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An ignorant red neck from Western Nebraska.
You can't tell a horse fucker anything, they are certain it's all just fake news.
by Fed up July 01, 2018
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People who watch only Fox News and can't see it as fake news.
Well, I can see by talking to you that you watch Fox News and think real news reporters are enemies of the people. Therefore, you are a Fucks and Friends kind of person.
by Fed up August 04, 2018
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A grumpy old man who can't be bothered with anything, has all his life been in a bad mood, and generally, has a dark cloud over his head.
You, Mr. Smith, are an old blusterfuck! You have been in a bad mood for forty years, can't be bothered with anything, and you steal my happiness every time you darken my door.
by Fed up September 08, 2018
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A person who voted for Donald Trump and is still proud of it. A Fox News Junkie whose opinion is the only opinion.
I overheard a conversation at lunch today, it was a bunch of Trumpsters seething about the the Mueller investigation, abortions, illegals.
by Fed up July 04, 2018
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