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Another word often used in Canada to describe marijuana, or the act of consuming marijuna. Ive seen it used in both forms.
Yo Sally, take off your panties and get over here and take a chuff of this killer chundu.

Hey Sally, lets go chundu and watch trailer park boys.
by Fate June 19, 2006
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An anime face that is a blank stare. It can also show timidity/shyness.
You: Aha! I caught you in the act of stealing my cool emoticon face. ><;
Me: '.' Whaa...?
by Fate April 17, 2005
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CRUEL PINCH: Unholy Tongs of Extreme Awesomeosity (+4 Awesome)
by Fate February 13, 2004
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the single most useful tool in urban beautification. comes in a can, used in graffiti, aka a tag, throw up, peice, bombing, stencils,
did you see that bomb ass peice at the tracks?
by Fate April 24, 2005
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A Cruel, Ironic, Bitch-Goddess.
oh wait someone already said that
by Fate August 30, 2004
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The CRUEL PINCH is a special attack, pertaining to tongs in a fantasy RPG.
by Fate February 14, 2004
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when i love him regardless of how he may treat me. When several other hot guys like me, but my heart is only set on him. when i know that he doesnt care, yet i care and miss him so much. when all i can think about is kissing him and being with him although he's half way across the US, i still get butterflies when i think about him.
from boston to atlanta and back
by Fate November 10, 2003
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