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Acronym for "You Have Been Trolled." Used in online communication. Means that you fell for it; you got sucked in. Often used to mock someone who replied to flame bait or fell for a phony web site.
"I can't believe you replied to that idiot's one-sided political rant; he was trying to start a fight and you fell for it. YHBT."
by Travis February 18, 2005
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You Have Been Trolled

Essentially it means, 'You have been tricked' or 'You have been fooled'. YHBT is generally added to the name of computer files, either in front or at the end, which means the file is a fake. The name of the file will generally be named something desired by many, such as an unreleased movie, game, etc. If YHBT has part of the file name, whatever the rest may say, it is a fake file that is intended to waste your time downloading it only to smash your hopes to pieces.
YHBT_JessicaAlbaNaked.mpg would be considered a false file.
by Bobbus September 20, 2006
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Means "You have been trolled". Often seen as "YHBT. YHL. HAND." which means "You have been trolled. You have lost. Have a nice day." See troll.
Poster 1: I kill kittens.
Poster 2: NOO! U r teh Hitlar!
Poster 3: YHBT, newb.
by kingnosis November 10, 2005
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You Have Big Titties
It's tru, YHBT.ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ
by awesomeeeee January 06, 2007
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