This is the name for a group of friends who take great pride in their ability to fart. Each member has their own specific talents with farting, and their names display these great talents.

Farts All Day - Ability to fart over 25 times a day
Fart Nasty - Ability to have incredibly digusting farts that are able to clear a room.
Sik Farts - Ability to enhance the smell of his farts through his own personal sickness.
Riggz Farts - Ability to light up a Newport cigarette with a fart.
Farter The Kid - Ability to Fart and rap simultaneously.
The Fart Boys are in the building. Man it smells. Man it stinks. Whats up?
by Fart Boys December 10, 2009
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Someone who is typically skinny, who wears Hawaiian t-shirts and JNCO jeans. They must also have a mullet.
Wow, did you see that fart boy? Yeah, he looks so stylish
by Dr_yote March 31, 2021
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It is a school boy that always has to fart in that one class that no one likes and gets kicked out of class
Did you see the fart boy in class today?
by Grehdjvjrirggfrhvxfg February 4, 2020
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To begin, Fart Boy is not only a definition but it is a state of mind, a being, an aura perhaps. To be a Fart Boy means to be one with your inner-self, a spiritual being of fartness, not afraid to release the inner being of your Fart Boy and allowing the goofy side of one’s Fart Boy to flow. You would think to be a Fart Boy means to be a boy that farts, but in fact the opposite. A Fart Boy can be man or woman, being a Fart Boy encapsulates a certain type of energy that one has, that not all can bring to the table. A Fart Boy goes above and beyond your average human, in fact they succeed and excel in certain but simple behaviors including: sense of humor, “goofyness” as one would say, performing daily activities that doesn’t even make sense to the definition of fart boy. The list goes on.

You’ve probably reached this portion of the paragraph and thought to yourself, “I’m lost, Fart Boy hasn’t even been defined in any of this, wtf is a Fart Boy” and here is the technical answer to your question.
Fart boy- a person who is goofy unlike the rest; holds a certain aura/state of mind that is unhinged to the rest of the population, someone that holds a sense of humor like no other.
“Dude this man is goofy as fuck, I’ve never met someone this funny. There’s just something about him that makes him goofier than no other”

Damn bro… sure sounds like a Fart Boy to me.”
by Fartboy798 January 19, 2022
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fart boy harry is a snapchat groupchat, that has been through a lot of groupchats actually. this groupchat dies a lot but when active, it’s the best
person 1: hey! what’s fart boy harry?
person 2: oh hey!! fart boy harry is a groupchat on snapchat!! did you not literally get that from the definition??? freak 😑
by jimbyfallon June 3, 2021
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