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The magical practice of raising dead black people, such as Martin Luther King Jr., or 2Pac.
Only the good die young. Use negromancy to bring them back!
by Urto January 12, 2006
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Dark arts for Dark People. Negromancy is black magic done by black people who's dark skin represents the dark deeds they have done. The darker their skin the darker the deeds they have committed against humanity. This is why Africa hasn't advanced in technology because they have the power of negromancy to help them with their everyday needs, such as capturing 12 year old kids to force them into soldiers.

Instead of potions, a negromancer use synthetic Kool-Aid to restore their mana and powers. Instead of black cats, negromancers tend to have Chickens due to their ability to be turned into food once their time has been served.

Negromancy is unlike necromancy and are in no way related aside from being banned in Hogwarts.
Negromancy is a dark topic...
by a dark person November 30, 2013
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