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Ozzmode is when a Ozzy Osbourne fan is ether listening to a ozzy song watch one of his videos or at one of his concerts and they tone out the rest of the world.
Hey Jordan what are you doing.
.....*5 minutes later* what'd you say? sorry I was in ozzmode.
by FRenchporker June 07, 2009
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Flipping a tit of a obese man
"flippin' pancakes!"
"Woh! thats a big pancake"
by FRenchporker May 05, 2009
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1. When someone eats food fast.
2. When someone eats a large quantity of food.
"hey look at that guy across the room, he's chowdering that pizza."
by FRenchporker June 30, 2009
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When you fart and walk by someone and you trail the smell of the fart.
"hey fatty why'd you trail your fart in front of me?"
"im just trailing it"
"HEY! fat shit you ruin everything!"
*fatty runs away crying*
by FRenchporker May 05, 2009
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immediatal rectafied stench
A mix between immediate,rectum, and stench
Meaning when a person farts their fart will smell immediatly and it will smell like shit
"Dude..Did you just fart?
"Yeah immediatal rectified stench!"
"Damn you tub-tits"
by FRenchporker August 15, 2009
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Once upon a time there was a pimp and one day he got in a skirmish with a local cop and while he was running away he got shot in the leg and had to walk with a limp. Now the pimp was limping around with a cane keeping up with his hoes. Every other pimp liked it and copy ed him and that's why pimps walk with a limp.
"look at that foo with da pimp limp"
by FRenchporker October 02, 2009
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