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TJ Maxx is a store that sells heavily discounted clothing for various reasons such as out of season, out of style, or some kind of defect in the garment.

When someone is TJ to the Max, that means they are wearing clothes that may have one of the above characteristics. It is a pun of being "TJ" which is Tijuana, Mexico and dirty or old.
Jessica: Did you see Jose sporting that fresh gear?

Edward: Man, that fool is TJ to the Max. He can't afford nothing, besides his Rockawear pants are missing the leather logo belt loop on the back, probably got it on clearance for that defect.
by EscaVi from SD March 10, 2009
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1. Spanish for Chicken.

2. When a Mexican is crossing through the border, they constantly yell out "Para Aca", which in spanish means "this way". When yelled in the shortend slang way in spanish as "Pa Ka" it sounds like a chicken crying out "Paa Kaaa!!" Thus why they are called Pollo's.

3. A term used to describe a Fresh Over the Border FOB Mexican. These people are usually very dark and wearing old clothes from about 10 years ago. Such as old faded Super Bowl shirts and caps from the 90's.
Joe: Did you see that guy driving that old beat up bucket, wearing those rags?

Dan: Yeah, that guy must be a pollo, probably has no car insurance too.

by EscaVi from SD March 10, 2009
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A term used in street football or flag football when a team is approaching 4th down. The opposing team will usually ask if they are kicking or sticking.

It is associated with punting (kicking) and going for it on 4th (sticking to the final attempt)
Jose: It's 4th and 7. Ya'll kicking or sticking?
by EscaVi from SD March 11, 2009
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The Bitch Stick is a car with an Automatic Transmission with the capabilities of shifting without a clutch.

i.e. - Tiptronic, Touchshift, Steptronic, Geartronic
Arturo: My new ride has both a manual and automatic transmission.

Jose: Man, quit being a pussy and learn to drive with a clutch. You ain't got nothing but a bitch stick in that ride.
by EscaVi from SD March 31, 2009
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The year 2010. Composed of a Twenty (Dub) and a ten (Dime)
I just got me a new ride, its a Dub Dime Lexus LS.
by EscaVi From SD July 03, 2009
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The act of someone with a big ego bragging about something in front of a group of people. Usually with limited or no merit whatsoever.
EscaVi: Did you see that mass email John sent out CC'ing the entire company staff talking about the number of sales his department cranked out last month?

Daniel: Yeah that was pretty bold. That department ain't shit anyways; There has been a lot of cock swinging going on these days amongst these useless managers lately.
by EscaVi from SD February 25, 2011
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Chicago White Sox

Pronounced: Chee Wee Sox
Just got back from watching the ChiWiSox
by EscaVi from SD December 30, 2010
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