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a time waster in new jersey...its self explanatory. its football played by friends usually at a park and in our case the park and bus stop before or after school. in edison, the only thing to pass time. it provokes stories about getting concussions and getting decked by guys twice as big as you, and how you played in the snow wearing light fall clothes...its kinda a way of life almost
-jay are you up for some street football?
-hell yeah mike lets go grab some guys
by a.k.a. jay July 05, 2005
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A form of playing football that is usually played in local areas for fun and for a challenge.
Bob: Did you see that panna Roberto did on Drew?
John: Nah man. I went to go get a cup of water. What's watching street football worth anyways? It's not even that big.
Bob: Everything. It's a wouldn't understand.
by Black Gem June 02, 2012
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