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1. a redish berry found in the wild.
2. A type of berry thats closely related to sexual activity.
3. A fruit of Love.
1. The strawberry was found growing in the meadow.

2. Strawberryies are brought out to arouse sexual activity.
by Ernesto February 23, 2005

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The dangled male organ of copulation.
"I like to play with my dingaling, dingaling, dingaling.. i like to play with my dingaling.. all day long."
by ernesto November 18, 2003

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Something that keeps you satisfied.
An alternative to sex.
i love you like a fat kid love cake
by ernesto November 19, 2003

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Being with a distorted body.

Where as the head is 10 times as big as their body.
Damn that Seb Beddingfield's a watermelon on a stick.
by ernesto November 19, 2003

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one man trying his darndest to make a difference by putting up the best argument against the barrage of corporate propaganda you get through every media outlet in the usa today...

not including cspan and pbs and national public radio...

obviously very intelligent, he is vilified by all those who are afraid to engage him in a debate...

ive heard a several guys try to debate him, they always get very mad and reduce the argument to ad homynym (sp?) attacts...

his writing is a bit tough to understand for those not willing to put in an effort, but some things cannot be said in 5 second sound bites... and thats part of the problem with the USA's basic ignorance of what in the hell their government has been up to...

take a look at the Pentagon Papers, the history of the vietnam war, then see if you think it is relevant info to know, then ask yourself why the hel dont you learn about that stuff in history class???

if you wanna have a good idea whats going on in international geopolitics i highly recomend checking out what mr chomsky has to say...
shucks, noam chomsky sure is cool...
by ernesto February 12, 2004

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The act of tatty bangin a big breasted broad while pinching a loaf onto said lover's chest and simultaneously drowning her face with an immense amount of urine.
Dude, R Kelly gave my seven year old sister a Polish Thunderstorm. Twice.
by Ernesto July 15, 2004

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any person,usually a man,that has commited murder and lives a life of crime
Da hood and da ghetto turned me into a thug...
by Ernesto March 17, 2005

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