A group of people or a location, where people come together to be social. Often includes dinner, drinks or dancing. Could include board games, shared interests or discussions on different topics. Generally people eating, drinking, talking, laughing in a shared environment. A place to find Community.
I just joined the Kamloops Social Club on meetups.
by the real real dude January 22, 2018
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Is a term used to identify a collective of ass clowns who voluntarily choose to don denim vests with uncreative embroidered patches affixed to the back of their vests in order to differentiate themselves from other individuals wearing the same ridiculous attire. Moreover, the peculiar practice is very contradictory, as many of these ass clowns prefer to hang out with people from different "social clubs" all while fantasizing they belong to the same club, which completely defeats the purpose of wearing different patches. Individuals unfamiliar with their practices labeled these ass clowns as gangs, due to the fact their attire pathetically mimics the attire worn by motorcycle clubs. However, ass clowns belonging to "social clubs" do not have to worry about any real threat from any motorcycle club, as these ass clowns are only found loitering at or around Disney amusement parks, places where motorcycle clubs usually do not venture. Nonetheless, said ass clowns like to make their presence on social media known by creating profiles for their "social club" and constantly uploading photos of themselves with obnoxious hashtags, such as #Ohana, #DifferentPatchSameLove, or #SundayFunday. It is strongly advised to stay clear of these ass clowns as associating with them may lower your IQ.
"Hi! Here have a button!"

"Nah, I'm good. I just came to get on some rides not join a social club!"

socialclub assclown disney disneyland disneyworld
by antimouse December 22, 2016
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An excellent band containing former members of the Rustic Overtones, heard mainly in the New England area on good radio stations. The vocals are similar to the Rustic Overtones, though the style has changed a bit and the lyrics are suited to a faster pace.

Singles include "Wasted," "She Gets Me High," and "Two Girls."
One sees potential in a man
When he's broke
The other one's still thinking
That this band is a joke
One hits the road
Like the second you cum
The other one you wake up
When your breakfast is done

I need I need
I need two girls
If I can't have you
by Zeke June 21, 2005
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Anti Social Social Club is an American brand, its name means a club of antisocial people that only interact with their own antisocial friends, meaning that only antisocial people can relate to another antisocial person, and so, it becomes a perfect chemistry for a group of friends with this personality, being this, an Anti Social Social Club.
Guy 1: Hey why that dude just talk with no one else but those weirdos?
Guy 2: Like Clown Fishes, he just interacts with people of his own species, so that might be his Anti Social Social Club.
by Daxwithoutfowers August 12, 2022
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That one group of friends that just sits on their phones all the time and they don't talk to each other.
Person 1: Man they are such an Anti Social Social Club.
Person 2: I know right!
by Sparkae January 3, 2017
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a club that you want to be apart of if you're not then don't talk about it just join.
me: no one hangs out with me...
someone: hey do you want to hang out!
me: no thx. i have an anti social social club meeting.

me: why am i so un-popular
me: oh ya because i hate everyone.
by exohduz June 22, 2017
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A band that is more than a band, but a social club. Its frontmen are Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, and Boots Riley, rapper of The Coup. They mix the styles of The Coup, Rage, and Audioslave. Their hits include "Promenade", "Clap for the Killers", and "The New Fuck You."
SSSC, or Street Sweeper Social Club to you Club newbies, is amazing.
by TheHurtado4 November 12, 2010
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