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Dionysus is a ancient Greek god, the god of wine actually. He would bring hell to what some people would call partying. His effect would be either overdosing, madness, ecstasy, ect. The son of Zeus and Semele.

Also known as: The Liberator, Bacchus(The Roman name he adopted.), and the God Of Wine.
"That Latin test was hard today, huh?"

"Yeah, the question about Dionysus was probably the hardest one there."
by Epiclulz487 October 09, 2009

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A combination of Sweet+Awesome, usually told by drunk underage teens.
Dude#1: Dude, I totally got laid yesterday!

Dude#2: Man, that's Swasome!
by Epiclulz487 June 08, 2009

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The act of taking a straight shot to the Jugular.
-Meat sound-

Peppers: What the fuck was that?!

Beanie: Dan just took a straight shot to the Jugular!

Peppers: So he got Jugg Smacked?! Damn!
by Epiclulz487 February 26, 2010

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When you put a whole in a melon and fill it with a type of alcohol, you then proceed to drink from the melon.
Geff: Hey, Robert! How was the party last night?

Robert: It was awesome! We made a melon keg!
by Epiclulz487 June 07, 2009

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