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Being sexually attracted to men in the age range of their 30s-40s and typically these men are in emo rock bands in which they sing about death and their feelings. they typically have red, black, or brown hair and scream a lot. More specifically, they are most likely to be found in New Jersey or Ohio. This sexually is very hard to pursue, considering these men are 20+ years older than you, they are married, they have kids, and they don’t even know you exist even though they saved your life.
Omg you’re so pretty, are you lesbian?
Oh no you see, I’m middle aged emo boy sexual
by Emo fag:) May 03, 2021
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My best friend in the whole wide world. He is orange, chonky, and has huge eyes. He likes to listen to Twenty One Pilots and Lana Del Rey, his favorite songs are Oh Ms Believer and National Anthem
My cat Jeffery is a Josh dun fan girl
by Emo fag:) March 21, 2021
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Something that I am turning into ever since I started listening to My Chemical Romance
by Emo fag:) April 29, 2021
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What retarded light skin 13 year old boys that listen to lil peep and juice wrld call you when their bitmoji is wearing sunglasses and a beanie.
by Emo fag:) March 21, 2021
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A wet ugly rat that every basic white girl reads wattpad stories and fantasizes about because they haven’t had a boyfriend in years so now they are dumping over a blonde bowl cutted douche bag from a wizard movie
How the fuck do people find draco malfoy attractive he literally looks like a blonde 2010 Justin Bieber with an aging filter on.

(Sorry Lilly💀💀💀)
by Emo fag:) March 21, 2021
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The literal definition of the quirky “it’s not a phase mom” 11 year old that you always see in 2011 Disney movies
Yes I am Scarlett Lowry and I wrote this definition about myself, what are you gonna do about it
by Emo fag:) March 21, 2021
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