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Not to be confused with feminist, which pertains to legitimate forms of academic enquiry or helpful ways of seeing the world (ie. equal rights feminist). A Feminist Nazi is a woman who is overly uptight about supposedly "misogynistic" remarks or gestures, and will go out of her brazen way to let the world know. This is usually a manifestation of a deep insecurity about her gender or her own identity in particular. For instance, whereas it is typical for amiable compatriots to use the whole gamut of slang words proffered by the English language in an endearing manner or even in situations of conflict (ie. "quit being such a bitch sis!!!" "Quit being such a dick bro!!") the Feminist Nazi will make it her personal calling to "deconstruct" the meaning of these phrases and attempt to expose their origins in the near-inherently oppressive nature of the male psyche.

The Feminist Nazi should not be invited to parties or to outings where groups of people are able to speak confidently and sarcastically with no other reward than a good laugh. She will piss both men and women off, equally.
"Hey Sally, I can't wait to take that hot babe out tonight for dinner and a movie."

"You shouldn't use the word babe!! It is extremely demeaning and turns the female sex into an object."

"Shut the fuck up you useless Feminist Nazi!! Go eat some ugly pussy. It's all you'll get."
by Emerson44 August 18, 2013

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A limerick poem written with or about a penis.
There once was a penis named Fred
Who had a rotund little head
And in perfect time
The head begat slime
All over my Auntie Jean's bed

"Kelly, why do you always face the wall when you write?"
"I can't help it mom, I don't like it when you watch me make my dickericks."
by Emerson44 September 03, 2016

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An orgasm, but inside of your VAGINA.
"Hey Sue, why do you always moan when I juggle your knockers?"
"Can't help it Lorne! Dem titties shake a little and I'm having a vajasm."
by Emerson44 September 02, 2016

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Like a selfie, but of your anus.
"Seth, did you see Joline's latest Instagram Pic?"
"I sure did Bryan! That was one flossin analfie!"
by Emerson44 January 05, 2015

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