20 definition by Emeasoba George

Wordster is a person who knows how to use words skillfully or proficiently. -Emeasoba George
Zig Ziglar is a good example of a Wordster.
by Emeasoba George March 03, 2018

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Vision is defined as the mental picture or image of what the future could be or would look like. It can also be defined as one's concept, thought or imagination at a given period of time. -Emeasoba George
Vision is synonymous with fantasy.
by Emeasoba George August 04, 2018

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Someone who shares his or her inspired words with others. -Emeasoba George
Martin Luther King Jnr. Was An Inspirator.
by Emeasoba George March 17, 2018

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Legacy is simply what you will be remembered for or celebrated for after your demise. In other words, legacy is all about what you've succeeded in building or destroying during your lifetime. Note: Legacy is built over time and not over night. -Emeasoba George
In fact, Legacy is what lives on after one's demise. -Emeasoba George
by Emeasoba George August 17, 2019

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Proudness is a feeling of deep pride, pleasure and satisfaction in one's own or someone else's achievements, qualities, skills, potentials or possessions. It can also be defined as feeling pleasurable satisfaction over an act, possession, quality, or relationship by which one measures one's status or self-worth. -Emeasoba George
Proudness is synonymous with arrogance.
by Emeasoba George October 04, 2018

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Self-centeredness is defined as being preoccupied only with oneself or one's own affairs. It is more of being too interested in yourself and not caring about the needs or feelings of other people. -Emeasoba George
Self-centeredness is synonymous with self-obsession.
by Emeasoba George July 26, 2018

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