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delightful,delectable,sweet,stimulating,refreshing..... half a litre of 9% pisshead juice. Honestly 2 a these golden bastads any time day or night-f'kin lovely.
(approach counter)"Two a these bastads please"
"2 pound 78"
(purchase complete, exit)"sound, see you later"
(outside crackin It open guzzling away)
"Jesus, I can feel my brain reducing"
by El Cholo February 04, 2004

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To violently beat another - literally a shoe In.Also see hiding.
Lamp him give the bastad a shoeing
by El Cholo May 09, 2004

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superlative usually substituted for great, similar to crackin.
ar It were bostin aye It?
by El Cholo February 19, 2004

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bunch of phallaic whiteboys expouting
6 year old rhymes over playground beats exploiting pre-penetration Immature silly little girls on paperrounds.
Excrutiatingly embarrassing numbnuts Insulting real street music, hollow psuedo bad byoy hip pop bragging about how dangerous they are,this shit makes Ja rule sound like Busta Rymes. With all the talent of a spunked on tissue-utterly without redemption. Any hysterical bint disagreeing-It Is a democracy granted, but before humiliating yourself further please hear Nas, Roots, Jurassic 5, gangstarr etc etc avoid this colon coil.
"one question blazin squad?
Is there a God?
answer me you f'kin nimrod,
hate these boyband bellends,
what Im planning takes months to mend,
how many? 10?, no problem not with my samuri friend"
by El Cholo February 02, 2004

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Law establishment Implementing & upholding the law.
The police - fuck the police
by El Cholo June 09, 2004

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Indulging In sexual congress Involving more than two and less than 4 peoples.
Preferably with more than one female.
"shift your leg love Its Interfering with me spam"
by El Cholo June 02, 2004

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Regulating body of British law enforcement protecting public Interest overseeing that justice & equity Is adhered to at all times.

In truth? An In house old bastads network comprised of former coppers &
well to do numbnuts. Thier main purpose to lie, cover up deny & conceal the polices many wrongdoings, looking out solely for their own kind.
"Grey, got that letter from theP.C.C"
"Any good?"
"Ive got a steel plate In my jaw,six teeth missing and they say theres no case to answer"
"Bad that Is"
"He fuckin put the 'andcuffs on first then he gives me a shoein In the holdin
cell- that aint restraining someone"
"Dickheads man"
"They got 3 statements sayin exactly the same shit. These f'kin Feds man they ain't accountable to no-one"
"Just cos they got a badge they do as they like "
by El Cholo February 09, 2004

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