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Originating from a Chinese expression, this displays scorn, realisation, or a mocking behaviour etc

..Does NOT come from bleh and cheese =p
1) A: Hah! I'm so smart! I got 85% for my maths exam!
B: Cheh! I got 95%!

B: *excitement goes down* cheh. I thought you meant blueberry..

3) A: *falls over*
B: cheehh. you're so stupid.
by Eden March 19, 2005
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A face that shows disbelief; sarcasm; is a raised eyebrow; and simply has all the meanings a raised eyebrow has
1) A: i am lyk s0 1337. worship me3h coz i pwn y0oh.
B: er..RIGHT. ~.^

2) A: I won a million dollars yesterday!
B: Yeah. I believe you ~.^

by Eden March 15, 2005
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The abbreviation for "true love waits" as in, the people "wait for sex" or "wait for the other half to come back from wherever the heck they went."
he was like, "i'm gonna be in college for like ... ever."
and she's like, "tlw, dude."
by Eden May 5, 2005
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a traditional skinhead who is proud to be working class and listens to oi/street punk/thrash; also tradskin or mod; or rudeboy(if into the whole ska-reggae scene). NOT a racist bonehead or neonazi bastard. generally has a shaved head, sometimeswith sideburns, and weres braces, jeans, big steel toe boots, and a big leather jacket. dosnt like labels or the government very much. trojans can be any race, religion, or sex. likes drinking beer and fighting. also angry and poor.
that trojan fucking kicked the shit out of that naxi cunt!!
by Eden April 5, 2005
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