15 definition by Ed Bodine

Someone who sees fit to forward you every stupid joke, falsified political quote or conspiracy, emotional cheeseball powerpoint show, extremely important safety alert, and annoying chain letter that they receive, thinking that you're interested in that garbage. Luckily, they're also clogging up their own Sent Items folders & will hopefuly crash their own systems soon.
"My uncle is the biggest forwaholic I know. I especially love the chain letters he sends me saying I hate God or America if I don't forward it on."
by Ed Bodine June 05, 2009

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A forceful diarrhea blowout that gets on the toilet seat, tank, walls, etc.

*History - The worst episode of this type occurred in the restroom of Chair King casual furniture store. It is likely that the perpetrator of this original event is included (by photo) on their "don't let this person in" list.
"I pulled a chair king in there. You'll want to use the restroom upstairs."
by Ed Bodine March 25, 2008

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A hella big amount of computer data.
Poindexter: Hey how large is the new mod file for the cheat pack for World of Warcraft XXXVII?
Milhouse: It's a hellabyte, yo!
Poindexter: Quit talking like that.
by Ed Bodine June 16, 2009

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This is a guy that pisses you off so bad you'd rather see him guzzle gallons of fart juice then ever have to talk to him again!
I wish that stupid Fart Guzzling cop would shut the hell up!
by Ed Bodine March 22, 2004

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This is the rank smell after a shart that makes its way down your pant leg right before you have a violent diarrhea. It's usually extremely warm and is an early warning for future smells to come. At this point you might as well consider throwing the pants away.
That dude just cleared the bus after some violent molten gas on the way back from Mexico!
by Ed Bodine March 07, 2006

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Hands covered with shit, or shit water.
He had full shit hands after he had to fish his wallet out of the pot.
by Ed Bodine August 07, 2008

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This is when a smoker, usually a chain smoker, smokes a cigarette then proceeds to take a dump. The smoke smell is so overpowering that it carries into the bathroom via hair or clothes and mixes in with the poop aroma. There is usually a 15-30 minute window for the poop and smoke mixture to wear off after such a visit to the restroom.
Don't go in there, a cigarooper just left and the whole place smells like a stale bar restroom after a long night.
by Ed Bodine July 15, 2008

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