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A place where people are called names, beaten up, and are targeted for suspention by assholes called faculty. With the pressures of fitting in yet standing out. Know wonder people resort to drugs and alchohol. (I had to just to get through the day) With the over crowding nobody can learn anything, and get fucked for the future. Now I know why people want to hang themselves or kill everyone in there school.(I did)The goths are the only ones that will ever become leaders because they don't care about popularity or politics. They have not been tainted. The government needs to pull their heads out of there asses, and clean the cum out of there ears, and accualy listen to the problems and fix them. I belive it could save lives and maybe we could accualy get some future leaders.
High school is just about the 8th level of hell. Daunte missed one
by EXHUMED October 10, 2005

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1. The act of performing a job or mission with the same precision and stealthiness as the United States Central Intelligence Agency.
"Yeah I'd pull a CIA and JFK his ass."
by Exhumed May 01, 2015

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Shorthand for Cheeseburger
"Omg, I could rly go 4 a chzbrgr!"
by Exhumed May 01, 2015

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