5 definitions by EMoney

when a girl is wearing a thong and shits herself, and the poo splits into 2 halves.
by EMoney June 20, 2004
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You should finish your work as soon as possible.
I will call you back as soon as possible.
by EMoney January 1, 2013
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when a woman is laying on her side on a bed , with her ass hanging off and grabbing her ankles. The guy come from behind and puts his hands around her head in the praying position(the duck bill) and gives swift abdominal thrusts
after travis got his redwings he proceeded to give amanda a duck billed platipus
by EMoney June 20, 2004
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To be fly , pimp , hood
Im soo "Throwd" in da game.
by EMoney February 23, 2005
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breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one meal
I woke up at 3PM one day and decided to eat a brlinner.

George Bush can't afford 3 meals a day so he has brlinners.
by EMoney February 2, 2013
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