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Okay, it's the annoying way to say ABCs.
Do you know your abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz!?
by e! April 04, 2013

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Originally american slang meaning to fight someone or being aggressive towards someone.

Used commonly in America and in England. If you say 'Do you want beef?' to someone you will usually end up fighting or maybe even passing away
Northside Rudeboy: Man you cant spit for shit


Northside Rudeboy: Shut the fuck up you dick... *pulls out a gat*

Southside Battyman: No beef, man, no beef, allow it bruvs.. ALLOW IT!!


Southside Battyman: ...fuck... biatch.. southside for lyf!.. ya hear fuker!!

*Rudeboy aims at battyman's head*

err.... i mean northside for lyf


*Battyman dies*
by E! June 08, 2005

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To describe excitement, fun, surprise etc.

Commonly used in the U.S.A and in North London
C-bwoi: Yo bro, ma homio, if you fink ur raw 2 da core u'll b shanked 2 nxt millenuim blud... Shazaam!!

Mother: Charles please speak english..

C-bwoi: Who is charls?? wtf is english u fukstar biatch... SHAZAAM!!.. braap southside

Mother: U reppin southside?? wot?? C-bwoi!! you want beef??!! u cunt piece *pulls out a gat*
Eat 9's u fuk!!!

C-bwoi: My name is Charles actually mother.. i was only pulling a hilarious joke... oh my goodness mother please do not create a homicide scene in our kitchen...

*Mother caps C-bwoi*

*C-bwoi dies*

Mother: SHAZAAM!!!
by E! June 08, 2005

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(london slang)
A batty/batties is slang for:
1)A womans or mans bum/buttocks/arse
2)Said to a gay person or a person who is disliked
'Fuck me! look at dat batty on dat buffting!'
'Shut up you fuckin batty, go arse rape elton john'
'Kick out my yard you bunch of batties!'
by E! May 24, 2005

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To smoke weed/cannabis/a blunt/a zoot/a spliff etc.
Druggy McDrug:'Hey, lets puff the magic dragon and get high'

Wee Dyman:'Is it beef??!!!'

*Druggy McDrug caps Wee*
by E! May 24, 2005

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A north london slang term for a shotgun. Its derived from the American slang term for a shot, which is known as cap and gun, which is known as a gat. All it is, is cap & gat joined together to create capgat
E-Man: Yo Tho-maz! pass da capgat bruvs we need 2 blap up sum man dems!

Tom: I told ya not 2 call me Tho-maz

*passes the capgat and starts listenin to Led Zeppelin*

by E! June 21, 2005

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1)If you shazaamed something it means that you ruined it or fucked/messed/battered it up in a stylish way.

2)If you shazaamed your way out of something it means you got out of the situtation really good. owned =P
Bizzle: Oh fo sho i shazaamed yo mama in bed
Bob:... *pulls out a gat and caps Bizzle 23 times in his head*

Bizzle: Man, i shazaamed myself out of that situation... i woz stuck up your mamas FAT ass!
Bob:... *pulls out a gat and caps Bizzle 23 times in his head*
by E! July 19, 2005

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