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The dark towel one puts down for their lady when it's naughty times as she is having her period. Used to avoid getting blood anywhere.
I think my lady is on the rag so it looks like we might have to use the special towel tonight
by Dynamite Boy May 31, 2009
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After performing oral sex on a menstrating woman, one generally has a ring of red across their lips or mouth. Resembling The Joker from the Batman comic book series.
I ate my girl out when she was on her period and I ended up having Joker Mouth
by Dynamite Boy May 31, 2009
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A drinking game in which when a person is presented with a Smirnoff Ice they must chug it immediately.

Rules are simple and as follows:

1. A Smirnoff Ice can be presented at any time and at any location.

2. If presented, the presenter will say, "You've been Iced!" The victim must chug the Smirnoff Ice immediately.

3. If the Victim has a Smirnoff Ice already prepared, they can complete an "Ice Block" in which the original presenter must chug all Smirnoff Ice involved.
Dude, last night I Iced Steve and he was pissed! He had to chug a whole Smirnoff Ice.
by Dynamite Boy December 2, 2011
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You're goin' down, and your'e munchin' on the bush. She clamps her legs around your ears so you can't hear anything.
I was eatin' my chick out when she closed her legs and gave me a deaf man's delight.
by Dynamite Boy December 5, 2008
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