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Houston Texas!
Birth & Restin place of the WORLD changin DJ Screw!!! (RIP)


Home of an assortment of ORIGINAL words & terms which started here.. in SCREWSTON, Plexus

(Krunk, what it do, holdin PLEX Throwed, ya heard me, throwed in the game, Blowed, Swangin, Choppin Blades, Block Bleedin', all gravy, jazzy, Already, Hater, ballin outta control, Man Hold Up and many other words n terms)
man hold up, I done swung that there SCREWSTON PLEXUS and got throwed n blowed! we done bleed the block n got pulled over by them haters on westhiemer. Them boys was holdin plex cuz i was swangin 4 lanes & them blades were choppin on the Burb', ya heard me? but its all gravy, ol gurl i was with was Jazzy tho.. i was like " what it do mama, wanna get krunk?" she was like " already!"
by DuckSauce713 December 04, 2003

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noun, meaning whore, cheating, whoring cunt, sucia, avionetta, hoe, slut, trifflin ass cunt, etc.
ay, que PUTA es la mujer esa, le gusta chingar con 25 hombres a la misma vez.

translated- oh, what a whore that woman is, she like to fuck 25 men at the same time.

hija de la gran PUTA!

translated-the daughter of the biggest whore!
by DuckSauce713 September 11, 2003

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meaning that you swear on everything important in you life.

very serious about what your talking about.
"on everything.. if that nigga say one mo' thang about my momma, i'ma kill that boi".
by DuckSauce713 October 05, 2003

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a.k.a Dick Sauce. ejaculate. sperm. skeet. semen. butter. make-a-baby-juice. baby-batter. etc
man.. ol' gurl done went n done swalled that ducksauce.
by DuckSauce713 October 05, 2003

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Adj, Krunk

1. Feeling of bliss after consuming multiple alcoholic beverages and/or illegal and legal drugs.

2. Used to explain a particular atmosphere,environment,time or place.

(see below for example)

Origin of KRUNK.. Houston,Texas 1995!
1. " I say damn playa.. we done went and got KRUNK off that killa n them x pills last night... ya heard me?"

2. "dem there hoes from the north side got KRUNK at the crib last night n was givin up head fo free!"

by DuckSauce713 August 27, 2003

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