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A complete FAKE who thinks she rocks so hard, supported one-handedly by a legion of ignorant 10-year-old skanks who know nothing about music and also worship the "hard", "punk"-"band" Good Charlotte among with Britney and Christina and Justin Timberlake and Busted; Also religiously stick to the tips given in the articles about "how to rock HARD" from Mizz. Pretends that she is able to play the guitar and write songs, and dresses up really "punk RAAAAWK", which, by assumption relating to her is over-night punk by simply wearing a tie and wristband and demonstrating a severe lack in any grammatical or spelling skills by corrupting "skater boy" to "sk8r boi", which is just plain townie. Apparently likes the real stuff like Green Day, but this is really just to redeem herself in the eyes of the more intelligent people, but really worships Shania Twain.Desperately needs to die. And it's Avril LAVIGNE for gods sake. Not that you'll really care because she's the word "wrong" personified.

See shit,crap
Avril Lavigne:"Omigaaaawd I am so, like, punk RAAAAAAAAAAWK, yeah, I'm, like, getting more famouser everyday, yeah, all the REAL grunjaaaas and the goths and the punks, like, worship me *10-year-old-skank-"punk"-fans scream. Sorry? I just went deaf*, look at me play my guita-"
Person with a functioning brain:"Shut the f*ck up, b*tch!"
by Drakavie February 28, 2005
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Bottled piss with about 2 gallons of paint added to every 25mls of "drink", plus about a vat full of sugar and several additives to make something like alternative liquid hash for kids.

See shit, piss.
Bring the crap out of our school canteens you f*ckheads!!!!
by Drakavie February 28, 2005
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Two words - Utter shit.


Unfortunately, our ears are still plagued by Charlie who categorically refuses to stay off Top of the Pops for more that two weeks. So what he does is form a new band, called Fightstar. Be very, very afraid.
Whatever they say, I still think that the name "Busted" is a corruption of th word "bastard" which is entirely appropriate.

Charlie, ditch the eyebrow pencil. You look like a kappa-slapper. Actually, you probably are one.
by Drakavie March 02, 2005
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