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Nasty villains from Doctor Who. As hard as the Daleks but they can climb stairs, without having to resort to johnnycomelately plot devices such as levitation!

Source from which the Borg were shamelessly ripped in Star Trek.
We are the Cybermen! Resistance is futile! Ahem ahem cough cough splutter
by Dr Pinch May 02, 2005

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n. A devious act whereby a tradesman etc deliberately includes flaws in his work, thereby guaranteeing that you will call him back sometime in the future to fix them.
One of our radiators is broken! But our central heating system was fixed six months ago. I reckon the plumber pulled a billgates on us!
by Dr Pinch December 25, 2004

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The gaelic spelling for Poteen.
Poitin is the greatest invention ever to come out of Ireland
by Dr Pinch June 11, 2006

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Like Assonance Insults but based on consonants instead of vowel sounds.
by Dr Pinch October 23, 2004

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Going AWOL, Desertion, etc.
"Zut alors! Où sont les militaires allés?"
"Ils ont pris, comme les Anglais disent, <<French Leave>>, quand ils ont entendu les gun-shots!"
"Hmm, comme d'habitude!" (Shrug of gallic insouciance).
by Dr Pinch September 15, 2004

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Enough of this bullshit irony.

In Euro 2004, the only person Sol Campbell fouled to score his perfectly legitimate winning goal against Portugual (which was subsequently disallowed) was *his own team-mate* - i.e. John Terry.

Urs Meier the referee deserved everything he got after that.
The so-called "England Header Rule" is a cynical attempt to deny the achievements of our Football team.
by Dr Pinch July 20, 2006

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1. Where the site of Krakatoa is most definitely not to be found.
2. A rather good band that plays the Essex / East London rock circuit
1. Krakatoa is west of Java, you idiot!!!
2. Last saturday I went to see East of Java play at the Valentine in Gants Hill with all my mates from 18 Plus.
by Dr Pinch April 26, 2005

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