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1. Baby killer.
2. Traitor.
3. A slang term used to describe Irish Protestants.
"Shhh don't tell anyone my mum is a proddy."
by Ness November 06, 2004
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Someone who always has to be prodded to hang out, and never initiates the act of inviting others to hang out with them.
Guy 1: Hey, can I ask you something?
Guy 2: Sure.
Guy 1: Why are you such a proddy?
Guy 2: A what?
Guy 1: Why do I have to ask you to hang out all the time, why don't you ask me ever?
Guy 2: Gee... I dunno, I never thought about it.
Guy 1: Do you LIKE hanging out with me?
Guy 2: Yeah! Of course!
by Douglas Young September 09, 2007
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1. Proddies are rednut faggots who live in hick towns in Australia. They're generally fat, zitty AND ugly. They are most definately not half as cool as their own definition may suggest <see above>. I suggest shooting any proddies on site.

2. Nothing to be afraid of, that's for sure. When placed in a school environment proddies are generally rediculed by their classmates and bullied at lunch times.
Person A - "Oh look here comes a proddy now"

Person B - "Quick, shoot the fucker in the head before it can breed and make more of its disgusting kind!!@!"

Person A - "Deal"
by Daniel May 06, 2005
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short for "produce department"......usually only used among workers on a produce department.
(in the staff room)
So, dude, been busy on proddy this morning??
by Kaatisu January 21, 2007
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