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Synonym of boredom. The individual struck with snoredom often falls asleep.
"Man, I just had a Linguistics class and I almost perished of snoredom."
by Doug Grz March 27, 2008

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The stomach sickness you get when you eat too much junk food.
"Man, I just ate a pound of chocolate truffles and now I've got a vicious case of matrune."
by Doug Grz December 30, 2007

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A form of headbanging adapted for the sludge metal genre of music. It is a full body motion often performed with bent knees that involves an initial leaning-back followed by a vigorous lunging-forward motion in which the sludgebanger's head can come dangerously close to hitting the ground. Pro sludgebangers are known to be capable of bringing their foreheads to within 10 - 20 nanometers of the ground without contact.
Band members of the popular sludge metal band ISIS can be seen sludgebanging during live performances.
by Doug Grz January 21, 2008

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Stands for built-in mp3 player. Refers to when you play a song in your head from memory. Pronounced "bimp-three".
chris: sup?

doug: not much. my iPod ran out of juice, so i'm listening to mastodon on my bimp3.
by Doug Grz May 14, 2008

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