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The ultimate technique in which one uses Hamon to slowly propel one's self up than drift down slowly onto their opponent baiting them into grabbing and splitting your legs only to have you cross your arms building up massive amounts of Hamon to attack your enemy. This move has the best protecc and attacc.
Dire: No one can just deflect the Cross thunder split attack!
Literally Everyone:...
by DoubtlessCar0 March 24, 2019
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1)A rare occurrence in which the Gods communicate with us.

2)The essence of a trillion hype boosters at 420%, compacted into a 20 to 40 minute video.
Friend: Hey, did you here a new nintendo direct is coming out to--
Me: *Explodes
by DoubtlessCar0 September 23, 2018
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religious person,"You can't live without god"
by DoubtlessCar0 March 5, 2017
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The word describes three types of people. Those who make you use the nickname, those who don't, and those who don't care.
1. If you force people to use it/cringe when called Gabriel then this describes someone who likes to control every situation. Those who are like this will often be uncaring to others and can come off as a jerk, apathetic, immodest and is rightfully so. However, these people are very good at sports. These people are very popular.
2. If you hate people calling you Gabe then you are more of a high class person wishing to be properly addressed. They can get slightly annoyed when using Gabe to address them but not too much. They are usually not very popular and some people dislike being with them though they honestly try to be as kind as possible.
3. The last one who doesn't care is the best Gabe. They are very kind and outgoing usually getting into the arts and other forms of expressing themselves. If you find one of these Gabes befriend them immediately. Only down side is they may have trouble making choices but that's mainly because they think of others.
1. Gabe always brags about how he got into the football team.
2. Gabriel is smart but a little too hard to understand
3. "is his name Gabe or Gabriel" "he doesn't care he's just nice!"
by DoubtlessCar0 November 23, 2017
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