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A staircase that nobody uses except drug users or animals who go to the toilet, thus the need to "bounce" down the stairs to avoid syringes and cat faeces.
I'd rather go the long way around than go down the cat-and-bounce stairs.
by Double Sugarplay July 26, 2023
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Phrase accidentally created by Yung Miami of City Girls when she misspoke promoting a twerking competition.

They later repurposed the phrase to describe a situation where a rich guy will fly a girl to a different location for a lavish weekend of shopping and restaurants, usually followed by the girl putting out.
"Bitch tryna get flewed out for the weekend"
by Double Sugarplay December 31, 2021
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Hot matuso is a condition where a man suffers from a period of wide-awakeness/sleepnessless after a post-coital/post masturbatory nap. It can last hours and ruins a good night's sleep.
"I thought you went to bed at 10?"
"Tactical error, mate. Had terrible hot matuso, was up until 3am watching episodes of Deep Space 9"
by Double Sugarplay July 14, 2019
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