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The way a complete numbnuts would spell burgle. The way an even bigger numbnuts would spell burgle and then publish it on Urban Dictionary. Why the fascination with such a mundane, pedestrian, functional word? Why am I even posting this definition?
Helo maytee, I wood liyck to burgal yor goddam hows.
by Doogle December 21, 2005

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Insulting term ejaculated by my boss towards the driver of a vehicle on the other side of the road who suddenly lurched onto our side of the road just as we were passing. This shouted response took us both by surprise even more than the erratic driving of the offender. In hindsight we often marvel at the way this combination of words conveys the deep insult of phrases such as cocksucker and ass-licker, while technically implying only that the object of displeasure is capable both of sucking and licking (or really only of licking "sucks", whatever a "suck" is).
1. You suck licker!!

2. "John - do you remember how amusing it was that time you shouted out 'suck licker'?"
"Yes, I do"
by Doogle November 10, 2005

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Standing position adopted while wanking (jerking off) in the shower. From the May 2005 edition of Viz comic.
"So there I was in the rat stance, I'd got to the jester's shoes and she walked in on the vinegar stroke. Nothing could stop me by then"
by Doogle October 07, 2005

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Apparently a term coined by scallys to describe a group of people that one used to refer to, depending on musical affiliation and degree of back-combing as jitters, metallers, goths etc. Being an exogonously applied term (by scallies), the musical affiliation is no longer critical to enable qualification as a mosher, with the result that moshers may display more catholic tastes than their counterparts of 20 years ago. A scally will identify a mosher firstly by their innocent demeanour, secondly by their friendship bands and embossed rubber bracelets and lastly by their (generally black, scruffy) clothing. Moshers' clothing is scruffy by design, even when their mums have washed and pressed them fresh that morning. Most moshers, like scallys, will display a degree of fragile self-satisfaction that diminishes upon contact with life's realities. Likely to have no recollection of being a mosher by the age of 25, the mosher is the perfect antithesis to the scally. Coincidentally, the scally's period of gestation into standard, working class nobody is the same as a mosher's into standard, middle class nobody.
If you have friends with an inflated sense of their own individuality, it is possible that they were moshers in their youth and are still growing out of it.
by Doogle October 05, 2005

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