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stands for modus operandi which translates as method of operation
Can't you see why i'm so mean? if y'all leave me alone, this wouldn't be my mo
by Donovan June 12, 2003

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A loose sloppy rectum; usually gaping with semen dripping out of it.Generally refering to a homosexual males rectum.
Erics man pussy was sloppy after Carl and Cole doublefucked his huge man twat.
by Donovan July 29, 2003

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rollin with a gun lookin for someone to use as a target
Weed smokin, straight loc'n,
lock and loadin
by donovan March 05, 2005

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When you do something that is relatively useless but seems like a victory at the time, and you relish in its glory until you realise its lack of worth. In most instances, they are followed by the phrase "wait a minute... that didn't accomplish anything."
Billy and bobby were fighting. Bobby won the logic fight, but this small dilectable victory immediately vanished when bobby handed him a shifty shenk with a plastic missle.
by Donovan March 13, 2005

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The sexual act of hanging upside down on someone, like a standing 69, and giving a blow job to him/her while he/she has jelly smeared over his/her genitalia and runs around in a circle with his/her arms out like an airplane.
I love Jelly Pilot.
by DonOvan February 13, 2012

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Slang term for a cocaine whores rectum.
Meaning that a visible gap is present when the buttocks is parted.Entry into a well seasoned "fartbox" is generally void of any resistance which is found in a rectum which has not been destroyed.
Roxana "Roxi" Brooks, has a well seasoned fartbox which can easily acommidate large penis in excess of 9", as well as accomidating large penises she is capable of "muleing" several ounces of "skeetch".
by Donovan July 29, 2003

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