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When your team is completely dominated and embarrassed in front of a large audience of people (preferably nationwide, via television). You lose in spectacular fashion in practically every way possible to lose. This term is an homage to the Denver Broncos, after their spectacular debacles in Super Bowls 22 (Lost 42-10 to WA R*skins), 24 (Lost to SF 49'ers 55-10), and the recent anal pounding by the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 48, by the final score of 43-8.
Dude 1: Did you see the Sunday night game with the Nets? They got straight-up Bronco'd by Orlando!
Dude 2: No doubt, Orlando owned them!
by Donkey Punching Queen February 05, 2014
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When completing an especially large bowel movement, one or more of the resulting turds breaches or "crowns" above the water. Not to be confused with the Massive Brown Crown or Gorgo the Beast Master, when one or more turds are so large that they extend above the toilet seat, requiring the pooper to stand up in order to break off the turd and finish.
Guy 1: "Dude, you were in the shitter forever! What were you doing, scuba diving?"
Guy 2: "Nah man, I just finished my Brown Crown. That thing was wonderful. I took a picture with my phone. I cried a little when I had to flush it."
Guy 1: "Well break out the picture, man!"

While in the bathroom ...
Friend 1: "Oh my god! I think I'm crapping out my soul!"
Friend 2 (at the next stall): "Bullshit! Let's compare dumps; I'll bet mine's bigger."
Both friends finish without wiping to compare dumps.
Friend 2: "Holy hell, man! You had a Brown Crown! That turd's almost touching the lid!"
Friend 1: "I know, man. That was almost a Massive Brown Crown. I almost want to name it!"
by Donkey Punching Queen December 20, 2013
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Making it Rain for poor people. When you "make it drizzle," the person in question will take their food stamps and throw them in the air over 2 or more people.
Guy 1: "You see that lady with the 5 kids?"
Guy 2: "Hell yeah! I'd hit that like a freight train!"
Guy 1: "Nah, you gotta be Making it Drizzle to get that booty. She straight-up WIC Superfly."
by Donkey Punching Queen December 30, 2013
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Pre or post sex act where you stick your half-erect cock in a mayo jar and slap it in a woman's ear while singing "The Final Countdown." Typically reserved for counting down the final 10 seconds on New Year's eve, but it can be used to count down other special occasions.
"What did you do for New Year's Eve?"
"Me and the old lady brought in the New Year with Reverse Cowgirl, followed by the ol' New Year's Gong, in-time with Dick Clark's countdown."

"I used Olive Oil mayo on my last New Year's Gong, and now my girlfriend's ear smells like an Italian rubbed his nutsack on her face."
by Donkey Punching Queen January 25, 2012
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When someone posts multiple pictures of themselves, photographed by themselves, to one or more social media sites (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) each week for the express purpose of getting others to comment on their pretty-ness. Often times, they may link these selfies with a self-deprecating comment to accelerate other's comments.
{The selfie whore posts a selfie on Facebook with the comment, "I'm trying something new with my hair, but I don't think it turned out good."}
Commenter 1: "No, you look great!"
Commenter 2: "Nah girl, you alwayz looking good!"
{The selfie whore has a momentary feeling of happiness, and then she starts planning her next selfie}

Guy 1: "Hey, why does Tammy post so many selfies on Facebook?"
Guy 2: "She's a selfie whore. She just wants people to tell her she's pretty even though she's fat."
by Donkey Punching Queen August 31, 2013
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The act of backing up into someone's face while they're bending over to tie their shoes, for the sole purpose of farting directly into their face. This act can be performed without removing your pants, but it is hilarious to do it with your pants down. For optimal performance, consider eating Ex-Lax before performing this act to brown-wash your victim.
They say the German Shoelaces will grow hair on your chest -- if it doesn't burn the hair out of your nose, first. Hope you don't get a turd to the eyeball, man!
Whoa! That German Shoelaces gave him a turdy Hitler moustache! Sick, man!
by Donkey Punching Queen July 13, 2011
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The act of pressing your buttcheeks against a pane of glass and farting. This can be done while your pants are still on, but the act is best visualized without pants -- and from the other side of the glass, for optimal viewing. For an even better visual, you may perform this act while suffering from diarrhea, but be careful to avoid the inevitable splash and collateral coverage.
You know the German Squeegee Bob butt-pressed on the bank's front window? He must have had the Hershey Squirts something fierce because they still haven't been able to clean it off. Seriously, it looks like someone shot a turd at the window at Mach 3!
by Donkey Punching Queen July 13, 2011
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