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Like a mix of being nonbinary and a boy or girl. Like a demigirl is a mix of nonbinary and a girl, demiboy is a mix of nonbinary and a boy. So it's like nonbinary but you kinda relate to one gender a bit more. Demigender is a real gender identity and you shouldn't say it's fake because it's a real thing.
Sarah: hey everyone I think I'm demigender
Everyone: what's that?
Sarah: it's like when a nonbinary person relates to one gender more than another, so I'm a demigirl so it's kinda like I'm a mix of a nonbinary person and a girl.
by DogsAreSoFluffy August 15, 2019

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A college in California that Hasan Minhaj won't stop throwing shade at.
*After taking SATs*
"Can I get into Stanford?"
"Can I get into UCLA?"
"UC San Diego?"
"UC Davis?"
(defeatedly)"UC Santa Cruz?"
"Jesus Christ"
by DogsAreSoFluffy March 28, 2019

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Crying because someone is talking about something that hits so close to home that you start crying because you can relate to what they're saying so much that it hurts and now those tears you're crying will free you from the topic they're talking about and how it relates to you.
"If you're crying, then I hope that those tears are tears of freedom."
by DogsAreSoFluffy March 23, 2019

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