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A gender which is only partially connected to a gender (male, female, or non-binary). The other part is usually agender. Demigender people can be of any AGAB (assigned gender at birth).
“Sam is a boy in my history class.”
“Actually, she identifies as demigender — more specifically demigirl — now and uses she/they pronouns.”
by Extinct Dynosaur November 25, 2020
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A person who does not conform enough to their sexually assigned gender, but relates closest to it. Not quite Agender or Cisgender, in between.
A: I do not identify with a gender
C: I identify with a gender
D: Same, I am both. I am Demigender.
by gorgbabies August 30, 2015
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Like a mix of being nonbinary and a boy or girl. Like a demigirl is a mix of nonbinary and a girl, demiboy is a mix of nonbinary and a boy. So it's like nonbinary but you kinda relate to one gender a bit more. Demigender is a real gender identity and you shouldn't say it's fake because it's a real thing.
Sarah: hey everyone I think I'm demigender
Everyone: what's that?
Sarah: it's like when a nonbinary person relates to one gender more than another, so I'm a demigirl so it's kinda like I'm a mix of a nonbinary person and a girl.
by DogsAreSoFluffy August 15, 2019
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when you're sometimes one gender (female/male), then sometimes agender/genderless
I'm a Demigirl, which means that my demigender is sometimes identifying as female, while other time as agender/gender nuetral.
by sexuallyattractedtopans August 15, 2015
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Demi-gender’s are better known as “Demi boy” and “Demi girl” people who identify as a Demi-gender

Identify as a non-binary and a binary gender. Like she/they and he/they
They identify as Demi-gender.
I saw him walking down the street today, so I asked if they could hang out with me.
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by kennathefox February 28, 2021
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