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A form for banning fugly seats in the barbers whenever a droob comes to die.
Ooh,fecked seat sucks especially when a male does that.
by Dogmilk57 Nightcore August 14, 2019
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The heaviest subgenre of rock music. It originated in the UK and US in the late 1960s. The differences between rock and metal is, rock mainly focuses on eighth notes and metal on sixteenth notes, rock mainly uses only electric guitar while metal uses generally a mixture of bass guitar and electric guitar, metal is a type of rock that replaces all the happiness with either depression, sadness, anger or fear.
I listen to hard rock more than heavy metal
by Dogmilk57 Nightcore March 13, 2021
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A person who's favourite instrument is accordion but favourite music is reggae. The fudjus are also interested in music production.
I am the biggest of a fudju
by Dogmilk57 Nightcore March 23, 2021
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A genre of popular rock music that blends adult contemporary and pop rock. Adult contemporary, a genre that blends R&B, electronic, soul, hip hop, pop, disco, hard rock and funk and typically but not all the time produced by a DJ or a composer.
Pop rock is basically a blend of pop and rock and generally uses more acoustic instruments, so, instead of electronic drums or electric guitar, it uses more acoustic guitar or piano. We've defined adult contemporary, we've defined pop rock, going back to rock and roll, all it is it's a blend of adult contemporary and pop rock. In my opinion, top 3 most famous rock and roll artists :
3. Tina Turner
2. Elton John
1. Elvis Presley.
Reading about AC/DC, their main genres are hard rock and blues rock. The band themselves call themselves rock and roll. Rock and roll is in my opinion 100 to 105 times better than normal rock because, let's take an example of a normal rock song, It's My Life by Bon Jovi, it uses electric guitar and maybe some drums, I can barely hear the drumming. Another rock song, The Final Countdown by Europe, again, I hear the guitar mainly and barely drums. A popular rock and roll song, I'm Still Standing by Elton John, it's funky and it has some dance beats to it that make it less rock and more dance, or funk if you like. Another rock and roll song by King Pop Michael Jackson - Beat It, the drumming in the song is more aggressive than hard rock. This song mainly focuses on the beats and focuses less on rock sounding.
Rock and roll music is funky and less rocky than hard rock.
by Dogmilk57 Nightcore February 18, 2021
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The number 1 most popular genre when it comes to popular music. It follows rules such as Multicultural, Radio and TV famous, Adventurous and catchy lyrics, Easy to play melody. The top most popular pop singers:
1. Michael Jackson
2.Ariana Grande
3.Justin Bieber
4.Billie Eilish
5.Lady Gaga
6.Taylor Swift
7.Selena Gomez
8.Shawn Mendes
9.Charlie Puth
My dad likes Pop music, I like Reggae, pop is more popular.
by Dogmilk57 Nightcore January 24, 2021
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Contemporary, Poppy music. Poppy means Simple and Catchy. What I mean by simple, is that it doesn't combine a variety of too many genres, it doesn't use too many instruments at once, it doesn't use strict requirements: very heavy, very relaxed, very fast, very slow, not using complicated sounds in the same way as Jazz, Classical, Indie, Folk, and typically having slower time durations compared to other genres, average duration for pop (1-3 minutes), average duration for soul, funk, r&b, blues and rock (2-4 minutes), average duration for hip hop and folk (4-7 minutes). Contemporary means it's the opposite of traditional music. Contemporary is in the modern time period (1950-present) and avoids and lacks elements of folk or classical.
Pop music is the most popular and simple genre of music.
by Dogmilk57 Nightcore April 10, 2021
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A type of popular contemporary music, just like jazz, folk, r&b, rock n roll, ect. Pop music is the traditional type of popular contemporary music. In fact it is popular in every culture, it is the most popular kind of music. The content is normally about stuff that you can't see, such as love.
Every child my age likes pop music the most.
by Dogmilk57 Nightcore January 13, 2021
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