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A dictionary that makes a sex act out of every word.
John: Dude, Urban Dictionary says that a teabag is when you...

David: Yeah, I know, but to most people a teabag is what holds grounded tea leaves, and if my future kid asks you, that's what you're telling them, ok?!
by Dodgs April 16, 2016
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Steriods, a modern slang. Used more often with Bouncers (lames who are thin, who want to become the Mr. Universe!)
Than anyone else, they aren't eating raw eggs...
Mr. Universe 1
Hey man, my mouths so dry from lifting all these weights
Mr. Universe 2
Ok. I'll see If I can get you some candy.
Mr Universe 1
MAke it Gym candy!
Mr. Universe 2
by Dodgs September 19, 2006
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