Means one is winning. If they had a race, they would be the one that would lead it.
Teacher: What does undefeated mean?
Comethazine: Means if we had a race I'm the one who would lead it.
by Hearky May 9, 2020
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Underground exclusive shoe outlet sells authentic rare nikes, adidas, and such.
"Shiiiiit did you see the crazy new air ones that Bryan just got from Undefeated"
by Pojo April 6, 2005
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Having possession of an undefeated record in a given competitive season.
"The New England Patriot's had undefeation in the 2007 regular season just to be beaten by the New York Giants in the Super Bowl"

"I had undefeation last year and hope to keep it this year."
by kryxi February 9, 2014
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