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Head Nurse in Charge: A supervisor position for RNs for a particular shift, who makes patient assignments for the staff RNs, communicates with other areas of the hospital to take in patient transfers or direct admits to the unit, makes sure there is adequate staffing for RNs as well as support staff like the CNAs and unit secretaries. They are a resource person for the RNs if they need assistance with a patient. They are the ones that patients can speak to if they have complaints as well.
Newfag RN: Who's the H.N.I.C. for todays shift? I left the foley bag open and there's piss all over the floor, what do I do?

Divorced, single, 50yr old Nurse: Shaniqua is the H.N.I.C. for todays shift.
by Doc Roc September 03, 2013
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Throwing up, occurs when you overexert yourself when you work out. Likely to happen if you have an NCWOAH in charge of PT in the morning.
*Group running down the road, stareing at a guy thowing up because hes out of shape.*

PV2: God do you see that guy on the side of the road?
PFC: Yeah he got all danged up, had himself an Armygasm.
by Doc Roc July 10, 2008
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A noncommissioned officer in the military who sucks at being an NCO, probably got their rank through National Guard and transfered to Active Duty.
Sgt: Hey guy, go check that mine field with the mine detector, but I forgot the batteries, but do it anyway.

PFC: *Sigh* My NCNOGO is going to kill me.
by Doc Roc July 10, 2008
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Fungus Infested Freak, one who rips out their hair, scalp becomes overridden with Ring Worm and Lice. Infected individual loses aprox. 50 I.Q. points. Busts ass as much as possible. Thrives off of fecal matter.
Guy walks down the street, witnesses an individual rolling around in the mud ripping out their hair, screaming and ranting about how they did'nt get their pony for christmas as a kid.

Guy: "Man what the fuck is your problem you FIF?!"
by Doc Roc May 21, 2008
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