a bookfest that either sits on his phone during a party with the same hoodie he’s been wearing for a week or stands there with his knuckles on his waist drinking lemonade and Coors
Yo E what’s up bro
Oh nothing just chilling on my phone
You’re such a raft
You’re the shittiest friend
by Supitschad November 18, 2019
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Noun: raft - a mutual friend that you intend to use to connive your way into your love interest's heart, you sneaky little thing you.

Verb: to use a mutual friend to get close to your love interest.
N: hey man, you're friends with Abby, right? Will you be my raft? We can all go to the movies together so it wouldn't be awkward.

V: we went out to the movies all together. I was totally rafting on him.
by Jei578 May 20, 2014
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A clan of lesbian vampires that live in a sea cave off the shore of Scotland
,,, raft
by xr3zxz September 8, 2009
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R = Rough
A = As
F = Fuck
T= Taint
"Bro this girl I fucked last night said I had a raft! You know what that means?"
by WeirdKid_21 June 16, 2017
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(verb) to ride someone or something as though it were a raft; to dominate or own; to destroy
Dude I just rafted that test; I got at least a 99%!!

We are totally going to raft them in the game today! Their team sucks!
by THEMAN59012 June 1, 2009
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the vehicle of choice for cubans attempting to enter the united states illegally through Florida.
cuban chicks must be fugly! Thats the 160309540808e-2 raft i have seen this week!
by shooter August 4, 2005
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