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Kickass heavy metal band with the lead singer from Slipknot.

Can also be referred to as a Molotov cocktail made up of 1 part whiskey, a splash of orange juice and sour mix.
A: Oi man i saw Stone Sour the other night they kicked ass!
B: Well had a Stone Sour so fuck you!
by Sharky October 27, 2004
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A pre-slipknot band with front man Corey Taylor, which formed in 1992 but didnt release an album till 2002 with roadrunner records. the album has 13 tracks including "get inside", "inhale" and the suprisingly soft "bother". and also a mind boggiling voiced story, that requires open mind and imagination to understand named "omega".this band takes a more soft approach than the later project (slipknot) with guitars solos, more intuitive lyrics. with only having one album few people have heard of this band.Stone sour has a new album coming out possibly spring 2006.

An alcohol beverage consisting of whisky and orange juice.
In 2002, i purchased a cd called Stonesour.

I had a Stone sour.
by killioughtta October 06, 2005
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There are 2 major meanings for this word.
1. An alcoholic drink
2. A major record label side-project from Slipknot
1. "Oh i had some Stone Sour last night and i am blitzed this morning"
2. "I saw Stone Sour in concert last night and they rocked."
by Wuggles9786 November 18, 2006
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