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The act of wanking to the beat of rap god and snorting cocaine off your step-Gammy’s sweaty ass crack
Damn bro I heard you were at your Gam Gam’s house doing a sweaty wanker.
by DirtyGoblinReceiver69 December 14, 2019

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A little bitch simp who turns his back on the boys in time of need
Bruh stop being a Ripon. I hate bitches.
by DirtyGoblinReceiver69 January 30, 2020

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The act of feeding your stepsister mass amount of Taco Bell and then proceeding to shove your fist up her ass as you would a puppet, then grab a fistful of fiery, watery, Taco Bell shit and whisper in her ear in a Kermit voice saying, “gee the swamp sure is nice”
I was at this party last night and gave her a soggy Kermit.
by DirtyGoblinReceiver69 December 15, 2019

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